Lesson Learned.

It struck me today how the human tendency is to, when one is upset or miserable, pull the people by whom one is surrounded down too. It’s like when we fall, we grab on to things to try and pull ourselves back up. When that doesn’t work we grab onto people and try (usually with success) to bring them down with us. If we lose an argument, we start pointing out the opponent’s flaws, just to make it known that we are not the only one at fault. Perhaps this is because we were not made to suffer alone.

Today has been a rough day for me. It really has. Lots of pain, lots of exhaustion, and lots of emotion. I tried to handle it with strength and dignity, but this morning I had to stop and slap myself because I realized that I was grabbing on to the people around me, and when they didn’t respond the way I wanted them to, I started dragging them down with me. It is shameful. Now the converse of this is suffering in silent stoicism. I don’t believe this is Biblical either. God did not make us to suffer alone. The things is, believers should be ever on watch for needy, suffering people. We should be ready to jump up and meet their needs, to be supportive. I strive to be a person who does that, and it helps to know that when I am in pain, people who fit that mold are the only ones who help make everything a little bit easier.

Long day’s lesson learned.

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