PeacemongerThe thing is, the life I am going to lead shall be speckled with good-byes, separations, and so longs. Travel does that. The life that I look forward to (it could change in an instant, of course) will be split into different periods, seasons, and places. Seeing how I plan on falling in love with people and ideas and places everywhere that I go, I know that I will have to say many many tearful good-byes. Sweet reunions will have their place, but strained separations last so much longer.

Even now I am determined to hold tightly to the people I love. To resist ruining the short moments we may have together. Foolishness is saying, “Well I’m leaving soon, what’s the use of getting involved with someone.” This I know. Life’s pleasures are times spent with other people, with loving people who won’t break your heart. It hurts knowing that I will hurt myself and those who care for me when I walk on from place to place, but I pray that the way I love will leave no one in doubt that their names are written on my heart, and they are not forgotten by me.

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