Living Coram Deo


Currently I am writing a paper on modern day slavery (human trafficking). It seems cruel in my overly metaphorical mind to sit here, the sun shining in and try to write something about the plight of women and children living in complete darkness. The sun may be shining where they are, but in darkness they remain. Curled in an alley, expecting nothing but more cruelty, more torture. How can this be? Life is so wonderful for me now. God is answering my prayers one after another while their’s seem to go unheard. I wish I could tell them that He hears, that He knows. I wish I could hand them my Bible and whisper to them the stories of how it has been a light in dark places to people for generations past, myself included. If only they knew, if only the truth would fall on their open ears, into their open hearts.

No complaints from me.

Life is a gift.

Tribulation is a lesson to be learned.

Peace is within the grasp of us all.

Isaiah 6:8

One thought on “Living Coram Deo

  1. Sometimes we think that God doesn’t answer our prayers, but than look at this..I’d say we’re pretty blessed already! Maybe he doesn’t answer them (prayers) because he knows we don’t need them.


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