Sweet girl,

Listen with your heart for a moment. I want you to hear this.
You are beautiful. Look at the face of the water and see! Every inch of you was perfectly crafted. Never listen to others when they talk you down. They say these things because they are afraid. Afraid of your Maker, and of your beauty. So do not entertain the idea that you are a mistake
I want you to know that my heart breaks every time you cry. Your broad, strong face was not meant to bear tears. Your eyes are too perfectly shaped and coloured to be so obscured.
You need to know that you have the potential to do great things if you look not only to yourself, but also to Someone Greater.
The world around you is a cruel one. It will beat upon you, it will be cruel to you, and it will be cruel to the ones you love. Lift up your head and be strong! Smile in the face of those who hate you because your God is the most loving and splendid being of all time. He is angered by their cruelty. He takes pride in that which they berate.
Believe all of this and love and mercy will emanate from you the way light comes forth from the sun. You are a chosen woman, darling child, and nothing will ever change that!




Somewhere there’s a boy. His skin may be white, his skin may be black. He may have a T shirt on, he may be wearing a polo. He may be in the United States, and he may be in Ukraine, Uganda, or Uruguay. He may love the sea, he may fear it.
Wherever this boy is, no matter what he looks like, no matter what he fears, he needs to be told that there is nothing to worry about. He needs to be told that his eyes are the most beautiful when they are free of tears and hatred. This boy needs to know that the bad things his parents are a part of do not make him bad. He needs to be told that no amount of water or soap will wash away the guilt that he feels. He must know that his guilt is built upon an unreliable foundation. He needs to see that his sins can be gone; that they can be wiped away. He needs to know that he can look into the faces of all people, because no one is a better person than him. He needs to know that when he stands up, he does not stand alone. Somehow, the news must reach his ears that everytime he is hit, everytime he is yelled at, someone else is being hit and yelled at too. Other people have felt his pain, and also felt love.
A lifetime of darkness cannot erase the love that waits to shine from within you, Dear Boy. You need to know that love awaits you on the new side of your dark past. No matter what you have done, no matter what has been done to you, Sweet Boy, there is life and light awaiting you. Don’t ever forget that. And don’t ever stop waiting and watching for deliverance, and for your new day. There is hope. Do not give up. The dark will never overcome the light, though it may seem as if all light left your life long ago. Keep believing, Precious Child. You are a member of the kingdom, and you have nothing to fear.


This is from my old blog (

How many need to hear this?

Someone needs to tell them,

To help them.

If I don’t,

If I won’t,

If you say “no”

Who will go?

Who will tell them?

Who will let them know?

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