People Say

So many people say to me, “I wouldn’t go to that country. It’s a war zone.”

The same response always pops into my mind, “I wouldn’t adopt twins with health problems. I wouldn’t become a pastor. I wouldn’t marry at the age of 18.”

You be brave in your way, I will be brave in mine.

Everybody’s fighting something. Some people pick their battles, others cop out.

I love individuals who are a part of something. Who find a role and fill it. Whether in the local pastel society, the garden club, the Democratic Party. People who seek out those of like interests to befriend, and who begin discussions on behalf of their beliefs. These people live. They are not just on this earth,  they are a part of it.

As humans, we were created to believe in things. Opinions, deities, people.

I believe that battles against evil should be waged. Inner peace can be maintained in the face of chaos. I believe that if I don’t go, no one will. If I wait until the war is over, what will have become of my battle? How many more will have died?

May my life be a flagrant testament to certain refusal of bad things everywhere. Happiness will not be mine until the world looks less like Hell and more like Heaven.



All things work by good design for those who would believe…

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