Soul Healing

Currently I am reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie and her sister Betsie were Dutch spinsters who were sent to prison during World War II for harboring Jews. In it, Corrie outlines the time that she and her older sister spent in prison, and the struggles they underwent there. Elderly women forced to stand naked in the elements for hours, constant lice infestation-almost unimaginable horrors! Corrie details how every night they poured over a Bible (that had been smuggled in) with women from different European countries with whom they shared a barracks. She talks about how the tribulations that they endured made the Bible come alive. Made the ancient stories become reality.

Reading this, I stand in awe. Corrie voices a phenomenon that I have been experiencing over the last few months: how God makes Himself known through the trials that dot our lives, how the Bible really becomes a part of our lives-becomes more than just truth, but real truth-when we walk beside the people of God who have fought an uphill battle for centuries. Struggles of every sort help illustrate more actually those of the Bible’s heroes. David, Hannah, Job, the virgin Mary all wrote lengthy ballads in honour and blessing of God’s name even in the midst of mourning, life as a fugitive, or humiliation. They had come to know God in a personal, intimate way and He had drawn near to them during the hard times of their lives.

Last summer when I got back from a nine day trip that was undoubtedly the hardest journey I have ever taken, I prayed to God asking Him to show me more of Himself. I, like Job, decided that just hearing about Him with my ears was not enough, I must see Him with my eyes. See more of His goodness, mercy, power-all those lovely attributes of His. I now realize that He is answering my prayer. Through the pain and trouble that I am experiencing I am coming to know God more, and to truly lay eyes on His majesty. The Bible is no longer just truth for me. It is reality.

What a God He is, to answer prayers unfailingly. To break hearts, to make new. Through the suffering of my body, He is answering my prayers for healing. Soul healing. I am so grateful, for I am so sick.

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