Holy Simplicity


Bright with God’s spirit

Awed at that beauty

-You who are near it-

Unafraid at that footstep

Now that you hear it.


Reckless in pity

Eager in loving

-High in the City-

Wearing in beauty

Holy Simplicity.




Now from my chains I flee,

Fair is the way I see,

Heather and wind and you.


Dearling, O wait for me!

Evermore light and free,

Running uphill to you.


Beauty shines down on me,

Love and eternity,

Heather and wind and you.


Glory, O Christ to Thee!

Joy like a flame for me,

Running uphill with you.


-Both poems by Sheldon Vanauken, written to his wife Davy Vanauken, near the time of her death. Taken from A Severe Mercy, by Sheldon Vanauken.

There are few things that excite me in this life. Vanauken has managed to tap into one here: holy simplicity.

Life-the simple life, the holy life-is all I ask of life.

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