All is Not Well

I keep subconsciously repressing any of my thoughts that feed the idea that something in my life is wrong. I try and force myself to believe that because I have God and light in and around me, nothing can be messed up. This is wrong. I know now that all is not right. I need to swallow this reality. God is good, perfect. My soul rests in peace because of the reality of his grace. A life lived without exotic travels, long hikes, and rockwall climbing can still be a great one. Truth be told, though, people are dying. Children go hungry. Men kill men. Animals drown. Girls are raped. I cannot take a step without experiencing grating physical pain. All is not well. Living in this reality would be nearly intolerable if hope for a fine future was not instilled in me. I am broken physically and spiritually. The world is broken in every way but God did not create mankind to watch us suffer. This is all wrong.

Thanks, praise be for love! Healing. Mercy. All that is wrong-everything-shall be made new and fresh. I long to breathe deeply of  clean and free air that is so for everyone. I yearn to take a painless walk on the beach, to ride my bike cross-country. Shards of imperfection is today’s reality. Denial of this is futile. Immersion is imperative. Liberation is imminent. He will come. All shall be most well.


Through the love of Christ our Saviour, all will be well

Free and changeless is His favor, all is well

Ours is such a full salvation, all shall be well

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