Done With the First Hurrah!

When humans look forward to events they inevitably create expectations for them. Imagination steps in, with or without invitation. Generally expectations for an event that are fabricated differ significantly from the reality.

For an increasingly long time I have been looking forward to graduating high school. Not a week has passed in the last year that I did not once consider “life after high school” and all the pleasantries sure to accompany such liberation. Graduation day has been a mystically ellusive date-not unlike a possible wedding date, the second coming, or the continuation of Firefly-for years now. All this time I have been entertaining personal expectations for graduation and-more specifically, liberally, and poignantly-the years to follow: life. In the context of post-high school graduation this word has become a sweet ocean breeze to my consciousness. Ah, that time to go and to be, hard though I will find it.

Now the time approaches. This is the home stretch. In just over a month, I will have graduated from high school. That time period, often questioned in importance, will be through. It will fade in my rearview mirror of life. But it is all approaching differently than I expected it to. I thought I would have plans. I thought everything would have fallen into place by now. I took my ability to walk for granted. Here comes the end of a season; before I know it an empty chapter shall be open at my pen. The thing is, I am not the only one writing the story. There is something much bigger going on, above my line of thinking, that bleeds into the realm of belief. It is a little unnerving that everything is turning out so differently from those expectations I have established over the years, but I know that I still make the choices that lead me on. Truly, there is no reason to panic. Whatever happens is going to be an adventure! Done with the first hurrah, it is time to begin something new. Regardless of what leads up to the transition, I am still so ready for it.


Harry winked at them, turned to Uncle Vernon, and followed him silently from the station. There was no point worrying yet, he told himself, as he got into the back of the Dursley’s car. As Hagrid had said, what would come, would come…and he would have to meet it when it did. ~J.K. Rowling

One thought on “Done With the First Hurrah!

  1. Brief though it was, one of your better efforts! I absolutely loved the way you made your point using the “Firefly” reference. You should really consider trying your hand at something different. A short story, perhaps? Keep at it girl. I definitely see a possibility of you being quite the writer! By the way, I read every one of your blogs and always look forward to the new ones. Love you Lydia. Keep it up. Stay strong.


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