Activist’s Afternoon

First Lady Michelle Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest  

Washington, DC 20500


Dear Mrs. Obama:

Congratulations on being First Lady! You are truly lovely, and shall go down in history.

Your involvement in patterning the food and eating habits of Americans is very noble. We all need to be more aware and careful about the things that we eat. Though I cannot say exactly what your involvement has accomplished regarding school lunches, I know that as a woman of such public stature your opinions have far-reaching influence. Please consider the children who eat a certain way due to religious or personal convictions. I ask that you take steps to prevent the institution of a standard lunch that every child shall be compelled to buy. Consider supporting organizations like Feed America, Oxfam, or Samaritan’s Purse as an alternative to making school lunches mandatory. This approach will not compel Jews, vegans, or Muslims to violate their consciences. This is not just an American ideal, it is a human one.

Allowing other people to entertain and live by their own convictions is a fundamental human concept. No government should impede its citizen’s observance of such convictions. In fact, most people would agree that it is wrong for any individual to do so-how much more inappropriate it becomes when taken by an entire governing body!

Over the past months I have been lowering my meat intake. I have done so for three reasons: firstly, I have learned that animals are not always treated humanely when raised for slaughter and that upsets my conscience; also, I have made this change due to the fact that the amount of fatty protein that I was consuming was more than my body needed to thrive, and thirdly, animals are precious and killing, though necessary, should never be done superfluously.

Thank you for reading this and for caring about the people that you and your husband lead.

Respect and blessings,

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