Beauty Riot

Though I am not doing what I would have chosen to do

Let my song be sung to You

Though I do not dance to the rhythm of the places I wish to be

Let my song be sung to You

Though my eyes do not see what I wish to behold and my spirit is not captured by the everyday

Let my song be sung to You

Let my lifeblood tattoo the melody: You. You. You.

May the pulsating crescendo of my respiration croon the harmony of redemption

My banner, my mantra, my rally point; truth in riot.

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All I Can Say

After a week on the beach with some of the most beloved people that have ever entered my life, all I can say is, it is well with my soul.

I am terrified of the future, but it is well.

I am in pain; it is well.

I had a wonderful, super, fun, fabulous, hysterical week. It is well!!

Nothing is certain in my life except for the love of God. I feel nothing so poignantly as I do the call of Christ to serve Him by telling others what He has done for us.

I will go, send me.

Which of the childish habits must be left behind? What steps are mandatory, and what steps into adulthood should I think twice about? What is coming? Who will I become?

My mind reels with uncertain thoughts: the good Spirit within me keeps my heart from the same.

Forward Motion

1) To know love-expressing it in the same way Jesus did, through humble sacrifice.

2)To be healthy: body, spirit, mind.

3)To walk by faith, secure in God’s loving and error-less plan for me.

4) To share the Gospel everyday, by feeding, fixing, and speaking the Truth.

5)To avoid waste.

These are not concrete things, but they are all I have. This is what I will go on. My graduation resolution. In the manner outlined above, with the strength endowed to me by the Spirit of Light, I will walk on. Ready I am to go, putting on my nomadic nature, walking into the wilderness of grace, uncovering the mystery of my future. Dirt will come, filth will invade, risks will be taken. Forward He will  lead me, blind but by faith, I shall proceed.

The Ends of the Earth, The Heart of My Community

You’re the Author and Finisher of our faith

This love that we give is Yours to take

Lord take our souls fill our hearts

We live to glorify You

 I count the cost to follow You and say

 Let Your kingdom come and

Let Your will be done

On earth, as it is in Heaven

God always provides the encouragement that we need. The only way to truly say thank you is to do the same for others. Here’s to letting the Great Commission shape my daily life.

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