It gets harder and harder to say,

Not my will but Yours be done,

For the path He has laid out for me hurts and hurts some more.

It tears every earthly joy from my life

It robs me of all that I love-

All who I love.

His path offers me pain and sorrow

Day after day,

But I continue to say it because

My will is broken,

My heart heavy.

I know now that the only joy there can be

For me

Is found in Him.

Life is Hell right now.

A fire that refines-

A fire all the same.

I cling to His promise:

….When you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, the flames will not consume you….

It is all I have.

He does not promise easy times;

Only a new day.

He is my life and breath

Short of Him, I am

A broken sea shell, washed up on life’s shore

In Him, I am

Precious, destined for greatness in adventure and growth.

Ever higher,

Constant-search for more Light.

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