Salt Sadness

Humor me as I use my favorite illustration yet again…

Ocean waves.

I was a part of a rock face, maybe a coral reef. I broke off. I splish-splashed into the sea and the water carried me away for miles and miles. I rode, days and nights, on waves like horses. I was touched by fish, caressed by sunlight fingers reaching their yellow rays down, down to the ocean floor. Then Mother Sea spit me out onto the sand and ocean salt water rushed over me. I held my breath, the water receded. I see the sun, I breathe deeply, my eyes sparkle, and then the water is back over me, threatening to squeeze the last breath from my lungs.

I must walk, I can’t.

He is here, he is gone.

I am broken, I am restored.

Carried off into the wild blue sea. Rendered unto death. Saved from despair by that which gives the salty surroundings life. God is good; He knows the fish, He knows my name.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all

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