Day 11: Wrestling My Resolve

I have gotten confirmation from God on this whole fast thing. In what way, you ask? Piercings are $13 at the Golden Lotus tattoo parlor this Friday only. That’s the way. THIRTEEN BUCKS! Such temptation. 

In my experience, when things get difficult, God is working. I sure hope He is working through this because I would not want to miss out on $13 piercings to no avail. 

The control is in Your hands where it belongs, Lord, but let me know before Friday if things change.

Just kidding!

3 thoughts on “Day 11: Wrestling My Resolve

  1. I didn’t mean to chuckle with what you wrote but it got me to thinking all the time I try my best to control myself when something flashes before my eyes and I cant have it. I truly understand


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