Lofty You

You, the home I want to leap towards.

I am a pigeon humbly exploring heights of my you-admiration,

which is on a level surpassing clouds, higher than

the building I would jump off of for you (Empire State, maybe, or that shiny one in


Words descend from your lips softly; I won’t interrupt

you, ever. It’s just that your voice is liquor. I mean,

smooth, intoxicating, I want to call you “home”; want to press you into my palm like

a gold coin that leaves a mark or like the mark I would make on the concrete if I did

jump, were I not afraid.  I do not fear

your liquorish words, I do not fear the fall. I fear

that your love may not catch me, or worse, I may take you

down with me. You, my home higher

than the Empire State.

This Continual Conversation

And I entreat Him again using countless cliche complaints:

When will the pain float on?

Will there be another day without the groaning, aching, and ripping plaguing my every posture?

Please take it away; will you not take this cup from me soon?

You have promised to end the hurting; when will that day come?

He answers with characteristic immutability:

I won’t say when, but the day will come. I promise. It is the same day that I have promised to the young mothers in Uganda, Brazil, Brooklyn. You’ll share that day with the sufferers in Syria. That is the day when prisoners will be released and returned to their families. That’s the day when the needs of children with bellies bloated from hunger will finally be met. The kids who sniff glue, the men who worked day and night just to watch their first born commit suicide, the women whose hair was stolen by cancer; all await that day. The planet earth groans in its’ impatience for the time to come.

You are selfish in thinking that you alone know pain.


Hallelujah, there is hope.

My heart overflows with gladness.

Even so:

Come, Lord Jesus.