Book of Thanks

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is learn.  I am not even at University yet!  It has literally been months since my ears have heard the word, “homework,” yet in those months I have gained knowledge in humbling abundance.  The most invaluable lesson of all has been the one about thankfulness: shutting down even the smallest of complaints.  Complaining tears the world apart, and it rips the wings off our souls.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing.  That’s it. For now. Make the most of it. Look away from the could-have-been-s and the “if-onlys,” followed by deep sighs.  Get in the habit of thinking about the good and watch as, consequently, the bad takes flight.


For no homework!

For gentle correction,

For time to breath, to think, to create, to meditate.

For depth,

For projects backed by deep purpose,

For old friends who remember,

For challenge and the purpose it gives me.

For people who get it,

For the challenge of being thankful for loose ends in life.

“…I will let the souls whom you hunt go free, the souls like birds.”~Ezekiel 13:20b


Future For Us

That long moment after you kick the wall, before you break through the water, when the liquid distorts your perception of the gym ceiling. When I pass a green field full of horses singing, Aaaaamen, A-a-men, to a tune as timeless as Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve smile. Those moments spent with children in your lap, jumping, bouncing, singing, playing. That sitting down after a seven hour shift.

Heaven is (all of the above).

Heaven is God living in me.

Heaven is knowing Him more.

I, like every other human being alive today-no exceptions-am quite lacking. I do not deserve such precious moments; I do not deserve a single moment. Neither does anyone else. We have all fallen tragically short. God sees our immorality and He hates it. He deserves to kill us, to obliterate the castle of sand that we call life. But He does not. He does not because there is a way. Jesus. The only way.

How great the pain of searing loss/the Father turns His face away

He bought us, convicted slaves awaiting trial. He freed us. He is the only way.

That is Heaven. The Holy Spirit given to those who accept Jesus’ offer of grace.

Knowing God, being certain of the future. That is Heaven.

For the love of God, I want more