Little Child of God

Little Child of God,

I do not know what your life is going to look like. I don’t know how many dark paths you are going to walk down. I do not know if you will ever recover from the scars left by your bisexual mother or your absent father. You may never learn to decode your vocabulary words correctly.
But, child, I hope you keep coming back to church. I hope the devil never wipes that grin off your face. I hope you never stop trying to sing along to church songs.
Because when I see you years from now, a man finally grown into his big front teeth, I will remind you of how excited you were to be at church that very first time. I’ll tell you that you were so eager to be involved that you sang the songs you didn’t know, one word behind everyone else. And you told your brother he could hold it and did not need to get up during church.
You are a leader at the age of nine. Unlike many around you, you are engaged in good teaching and eager to learn. Keep repeating those Bible stories back to me, like they are chapters from an adventure novel.
I know that because your family and community is in bondage your life will be difficult. Those dark brown eyes will overflow with tears before long. My prayer is that you will keep coming to church, and that in time the God you sing about will hear Your cry and break every chain. He will wipe away your tears, Little Child of God, and He will be your true dad as he is mine.

May my steps be worship
May my thoughts be praise
May my words bring honor to Your name